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Healthy Eating Policy

Glenbrook Nursery School

Healthy Eating and Drinking Policy

Monitoring And Evaluation


The Staff of Glenbrook Nursery School will update this Policy and procedures in the light of any further guidance and legislation as necessary and review it annually. The Board of Governors will also monitor the implementation of this policy on a regular basis.


On-going evaluation will ensure the effectiveness of the Policy.



At Glenbrook Nursery School we believe that eating the right food and drinking lots of water is essential for good health and effective learning and teaching. We believe that all children should be taught what a healthy lifestyle is and encouraged to follow one.


Our aims are:

* To discuss with children good and bad foods through story-time and circle time.

* To involve the whole school community in developing and maintaining healthy eating and drinking habits.

* To have a pleasant and sociable dining experience that encourages the social development of all children.

* To encourage children to eat foods rich in nutrients that are essential for the growth of children of this age.

* To encourage children to have a balanced diet.

* To only provide healthy drinks such as milk and water.

* To encourage children to drink water from the water dispensers found in each of the classrooms and thus remain hydrated.

* To take into account and accommodate the dietary requirements of individual children.

* To ensure high standards of hygiene amongst the children.

* To develop healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime.



School Meals

At Glenbrook Nursery School we believe that all messages about nutrition need to be


* School dinners are provided by the EA school meals service.

* Children are encouraged to drink milk or water with their midday meal.

* Portion sizes are according to guidelines laid down by the EA School Meals Service.




* All children are encouraged to participate in the snack routine

* Milk or water is on offer snack time

* A selection of healthy options is offered for snack. These may include fresh fruit, vegetables, cereals, a variety of breads/crackers with butter or cheese, plain yoghurt etc



Children are discouraged from bringing cakes or sweets etc for their birthday celebration.



We recognise that low fluid intake can lead to poor concentration and lethargy, reduced physical performance and health problems.

All children and staff have access to water from the water dispensers situated in each classroom and they will be encouraged to use them frequently.



Parents and children are asked not to bring or send sweets or chewing gum into school.


Teaching and Learning

* Healthy eating and drinking is promoted through the curriculum and through topics covered during the year.

* Staff will sit with children during meal times to provide good role models, encourage good manners and encourage conversations.

* Food and cooking activities are used in a variety of ways to widen the children’s experience as they are given the opportunity to touch, taste, smell and feel a variety of foods.


Parental involvement

A copy of the Healthy Eating and Drinking Policy is available in school and parents are encouraged to support us in the following ways with this.


Equal Opportunities

The healthy eating and drinking systems and strategies in our school will be accessible

to all children and staff regardless of race, gender and SEN.


Health and Safety

Food will be stored according to instructions on packaging and common sense.

Advice will be sought from the catering staff and Environmental Health if necessary.