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School Ethos


Glenbrook Nursery aims to provide a high quality child centred education for all the children enrolled in school.  This will be achieved through a broad and balanced curriculum with developmentally appropriate learning in which all children are encouraged to reach their full potential.  This will all be achieved within our secure, happy, caring, stimulating and fun nursery environment.

The aims of our nursery are based upon the following ideologies:

·        Childhood is a valid part of life and not merely a preparation for adulthood.

·        Every child is an individual.

·        Children should learn holistically.

·        Children have the right to develop socially, emotionally, physically, cognitively, linguistically and creatively.

·        Children have the right to reach their full potential.

·        Children should be given the opportunity to explore their environment using all of their senses.

·        Play is the child’s work and all children should be given the opportunity to learn through their play.



Mission Statement


It is the mission of this nursery to provide all children with a wide variety of experiences and materials to encourage their all-round development and to reach their full potential.


It is the policy of this nursery to fulfil the following aims with respect to each individual child:

·         To provide a secure environment in which each child can reach his or her full potential and develop at his or her own rate - socially, emotionally, physically, cognitively, linguistically and creatively.

·         To foster mutual respect, trust and understanding between Parents/Carers and members of the nursery staff in order to work together for the good of each individual child.

·         To develop the child’s speech and language skills in the areas of – expressive language, receptive language, social communication/interaction, attention and listening through a language enriched nursery curriculum.

·         To develop scientific, mathematical and creative skills through the materials, equipment and activities provided within the nursery.

·         To work with Parents/Carers and extend upon and complement that which has been achieved at home.

·         To acknowledge and build upon the previous educational experiences of those children who have attended other Preschool facilities or day nurseries.

·         To work in partnership with Parents/Carers to help each child reach his/her full potential in their all-round development.

·         To work with all other agencies who become involved with the children and provide information for their new Primary School thus enabling them to make a smooth transition to Primary 1.

·         To fulfil the nursery curriculum in all 6 areas of their development:

§  Personal, Social and Emotional Development

§  Language Development

§  Early Maths Experiences

§  The Arts

§  Physical Development

§  The World Around Us