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Learning blog for children- Week beginning 8th June 2020



Monday 8th June 2020

During the month of June in nursery we usually look at a few topics- The Seaside, Summer Holidays, Going To School (P1) and Staying Safe In The Sun. We will begin to talk about going to P1 in some of our videos and stories later this month to prepare the children for their next stage

This week Mrs McCandless has recorded some lovely Shirley Hughes stories

for you all to enjoy. There is also a document provided by 'Getting Ready to Learn.' This has lots of fun activity ideas to promote and explore mathematical concepts through play. Have a great week!

Lucy and Tom at the Seaside

Tuesday 9th June 2020 

Today Alfie gets into a bit of bother....

Listen here to find out more! 

Alfie Gets In First

Wednesday 10th June 2020

Today Alfie is a bit worried about going to Bernard’s birthday party. When he gets there he has a great time! Enjoy! 

10 June 2020

 Thursday 11th June 


Today Alfie finds something special at the beach. He puts it in his pocket to take home but when he checks before they leave the beach it’s missing...... Enjoy! 




Friday 12th June 2020



Alfie-Mr McNallys Hat

Today in our story Alfie is given a special hat from Mr McNally which he has great fun playing with at home. One day someone calls to the house and it is raining. He really needs a hat... Will Alfie give his hat to the milk man? Listen carefully to find out. Enjoy!

Getting Ready to Learn have also made this useful document about fostering your Child’s mental health which may be useful for you. Have a lovely weekend! 😊