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Learning blog for children- week beginning 27th April 2020

We hope you had lots of fun exploring our home learning activities last week.

For the next few weeks we will be exploring the topic of 'Ourselves.' We will be planning our activities and learning around our bodies, our characteristics, our senses, likes and dislikes and staying healthy. These are short, fun activities and we have kept them simple as we are aware that everyone is limited with the resources we all have at home with the current circumstances. We hope you enjoy playing and learning with your child.


This week we are learning about our 5 senses.



Monday 27th April 2020

Today we are going to begin learning all about our senses. Our 5 senses help our body to learn all about the world around us. Today we are focusing on sight.


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Kim’s Game

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You can start this game with 2 or 3 objects and then build up the number depending on how many your child can remember.

Tuesday 28th April 2020

We are still learning about sight today and how our eyes help us see. Why not make some binoculars with us? Here’s a fun video of our friend Glen Bear making some binoculars! Enjoy! 

Glen Bear’s Binoculars

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Please remember to supervise your child when they are playing with the binoculars if they have attached string to the inside of them. 

Wednesday 29th April 2020

Today we are going to go on a shape treasure hunt in our houses. Watch the video below to find out how to play. To make the activity last longer or to make it more challenging, put the objects you have drawn around back in their normal places and see if your child can find them to match them up. Have fun! 


Shape outline game

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Thursday 30th April 2020

We have been exploring sight this week. Today we are going to learn about people who have a visual impairment. We usually have a visit from the Guide Dogs in school this month when learning about our senses. Today we will explore the senses of sight and touch as we hear the story ‘Lucy’s Picture.’
We have also added a video about the amazing job that Guide Dogs do. It is very important that children learn that we must try not to disturb Guide Dogs at work. Enjoy!



Story Activity Idea

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Friday 1st May 2020

Today we are going to have some fun experimenting with floating and sinking. We usually love exploring this in nursery in our water tray with objects from around the room. The children enjoy watching to see if the items will float or sink. 

After you might like to try and sort the items into two groups: those that floated and those that sank when put in the water.
Have fun! 



Floating and Sinking

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