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Learning blog for children- week beginning 18th May 2020


Monday 18th May 2020


This week we are going to start looking at some traditional tales. We are going to begin with the story of 'Goldilocks and the 3 Bears'- it is one of our favourites in nursery. We hope you enjoy sharing this story together and engaging in some play activities related to the story this week.



Twinkl Goldilocks Stick Puppets - have made their site and resources free for Parents during this home schooling period


Tuesday 19th May 2020


Yesterday we heard the story of Goldilocks. In the story there are 3 different sizes- big, middle sized and small. Today we have a challenge related to exploring the concept of size. Hopefully you can explore some mathematical language and encourage some comparing in a fun way. Find some items around the house that you have a big and small or big, middle sized and small version of e.g. a sock. Then compare them using language such as big, middle sized , small, bigger, biggest, small, smaller, smallest. You could say: find the biggest sock, find the middle sized sock, find the small sock. You can then sort the items into 3 groups- big, middle sized and small- you could even place each bear image from yesterday as a visual for the child in front of the group. You can also refer to the Goldilocks story to provide the visual guide for your child. If it is too challenging, just focus on big and small. Hopefully this video will explain the activity to you. Have fun!



Big, Middle Sized and Small

Still image for this video



Wednesday 20th May 2020




Today we are going to focus on independence.


Hello to all of our girls and boys. Here is your challenge today:


Can you pretend to be Baby Bear for this? Baby Bear is very hungry because Goldilocks has eaten his breakfast! Can you make your own breakfast or lunch with help from an adult in your house?

-Maybe you could get your bowl and cereal and pour your own milk in? You might even like to make some porridge if you have it in your house.

-Maybe you could put your own butter on your toast with a safe children's knife?

-Maybe you could pour your own drink?

-Maybe you could make your own sandwich for lunch? (We would have normally have been doing this in nursery at snack time at this stage of the year.)

-Maybe you can wash up your dishes after you have finished?


We would love to see some photos of your tasty food. Tomorrow we are going to hear another story about what happened next in the Goldilocks story...... Have fun!

Thursday 21st May 2020


Today we are going to hear about what happened next to Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. You will never believe what happens at the end of this story......

It is one of our favourites in nursery! Enjoy! 



Friday 22nd May 2020 


Today we are going to finish off the Goldilocks story with a story about kindness. The challenge for today and the weekend is to do something kind for someone else. We can’t wait to see what our children do over the weekend. Enjoy and stay safe 😊