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June 2019


June Newsletter 2019





Our themes this month are:

Summer, Holidays, The Seaside and Primary School


  • We will talk about Summer and all we can expect from this season.
  • We will be talking about and playing out holiday situations, through stories and imaginative play.
  •  We will be talking about the beach and the creatures you find under the sea.
  • We will be telling stories and providing relaxed play situations in relation to starting school, which will help the children to look forward to the next stage of their education.



                               Shapes and colours



We will be revising all shapes and colours we have learned this year. 

  • We will be using these in our play as usual.



Child Protection and Safeguarding

Please remember to apply sunscreen to your child before coming to school (a brand that gives 12hours protection).  Nursery will provide sunhats.




Parent Questionnaires

During this month all Parents will receive 2 questionnaires.  Please complete these and return to nursery before Monday 7th June. These questionnaires will help us to move forward and improve the service we provide and to complete our Getting Ready to Learn report.




Lending Libraries and Story Sacks

Please remember to return all books and resources before Friday 21st June so that we can complete an inventory.  Thank you.




Primary 1 Transition Forms


Two copies of your child’s transition form will be sent home in the week beginning 17th June 2019. Please read through it, sign one copy, add the name of your child’s Primary School to the form (where indicated to do so) and return it to school.   (You may keep the other copy.)  The returned form will then be forwarded to your child’s new school.  If you have any questions about the content of the form then speak to your child’s teacher who will try to clarify any queries you may have.










Glenbrook Needs You!

During June we will be cleaning the nursery toys for the new school year and as you can imagine there are a lot of them.  Thus we ask all Parents to take a box of toys home during June to wash and dry them and return them to the nursery.  We ask that you wash them in warm soapy water and nothing stronger and then return them when they are completely dry.

Thank you in anticipation. 





Dates To Remember



Date yet to be decided

Mrs Weir and Mrs Hutton (the P.1. teachers from Londonderry Primary School) are coming to read to the children.



Mon 17th June to Thurs 20th June

Next year’s children are coming to visit in the afternoon.  Nursery will finish every day at 12.45 pm to facilitate this.  Dinner will still be served.



Wednesday 26th June

Mini’s Music last visit of the school year.


Friday 21st June

The Nursery Sing-A-Long and yearbook presentation is on Friday 21st June, Parents and family members are invited to attend. This starts at 11.00 am and nursery will finish straight after.  Please ensure that all children have a family member present so that they are not disappointed.  Children can go home when the Sing-a-long is over.  No dinner will be served on this day.


Wednesday 19th June

Ark Farm – Creepy Crawly Roadshow visit.


Thursday 27th June

Nursery end of year party. Children may wear their own clothes. Nursery will finish at 11.30 pm. No dinners will be served.


Friday 28th June – School Development Day

School Development Day – nursery is closed for children.





A Big Thank-you!


As this is our last newsletter for this year may we take this opportunity to say thank you for choosing Glenbrook Nursery School for your child and for all your support and encouragement both for the children and for us throughout the year. We have all had a lovely year and we hope you have too. We also want to wish all the children continued success in Primary 1.







June Learning Plans

Themes: Summer and the seaside

Colours: All colours

Shape: All shapes

Personal, Social And Emotional Development

Children will have opportunities to:

· Talk about their holidays and how they feel about them.

· Become acquainted with their new schools and Primary 1 teacher and have opportunities to talk about moving schools.

· Encourage children to be helpful towards others and work well in groups.

· Gain confidence in speaking in front of the whole class.

Ideas to reinforce your child’s learning at home:

· Talk to your child about moving schools in a positive way.

Language Development

Children will have opportunities to:

· Extend vocabulary with respect to Summer and the seaside including ideas of:

o Butterflies, their symmetry and their life cycle.

o Flowers and trees in Summer.

o Animals in Summer.

o The weather.

o What we see at the beach.

o Talking about holidays.

o Transport used to go on holidays.

o Shells and stones.

o Sea creatures.

o Discuss how to keep safe in heat and sunny weather.

· Practise pencil control and emergent writing.

· Learn songs and rhymes relating to Summer and the seaside.

· Encourage children to look at print in the environment including books, posters etc. so that they know that the written word has meaning.


Ideas to reinforce your child’s learning at home:

· Sing songs and rhymes with your child relating to the theme of Summer and the seaside, this can enhance their future reading abilities. (These rhymes can be found on the monthly rhyme sheet.)

· Consolidate rhymes from last month by singing them at home.

· Further talk to your child about Summer and point out plant growth, animals and the weather when out on walks or drives.

· Read stories to your child which again will help them when they come to reading for themselves. (Don’t forget there are books to borrow in the nursery foyer as well as your local library.)

· Encourage children to recognise their own name.

· Encourage children to look at the environment including books, posters, displays etc. so that they know that the written word has meaning. Also point out to your child individual letters perhaps recognising the ones that are in their own names.

· Read books relating to the theme of Summer and the seaside.

Early Mathematical Experiences

Children will have opportunities to:

· Sort and match again weather pictures again according to type.

· Sort and match clothes again for different weather types

· Look at patterns, be able to recognise them and copy and continue them with respect to beads and boards, construction materials etc.

· Reinforce and practise 1 to 1 correspondence with respect to counting objects naturally during their play.

· Reinforce and practise 1 to 1 correspondence with respect to setting dinner tables, giving out musical instruments and Friday treats

· Keep looking at numbers in the environment including outside play

· Keep reinforcing counting through number rhymes

· Count items through natural play situations reinforcing 1 to 1 correspondence.

· Recognise shapes in the environment.

· Reinforce prepositions within the nursery environment.

· Look at patterns on sea creatures and shells.

· Look at the symmetry of flowers and butterflies.

· Sort shells.

· Sort sea creatures.

Ideas to reinforce your child’s learning at home:

· Keep singing number rhymes with your child at home to reinforce counting

· Count naturally with your child and reinforce 1 to 1 correspondence i.e. point to each item while counting

· Name shapes in the home environment

· Talk about prepositions such as in, on, under, below, beside, behind and in front of

· Talk about patterns to your child including patterns on shells, animals and sea creatures.

Physical Development

Children will have opportunities to:

· Experience Summer weather during outside play

· Develop fine motor skills using art equipment, construction materials and general self-help skills

· Develop gross motor skills handling larger construction equipment and ensuring their own and others safety

· Further practise putting on and taking off their own sweatshirts

· Learn new self-help skills with putting on lighter outside clothing and encourage children to zip up their own coats

· Practise ball skills such as kicking, throwing and catching


Ideas to reinforce your child’s learning at home:

· Practise ball skills at home.

· Encourage your child to zip their own coat up.

· Encourage your child to hold a pencil or pen properly.

The Arts

Children will have opportunities to:

· Listen and join in with songs, rhymes and drama activities relating to the theme of Summer and the seaside.

· Participate in a Mini’s Music session on the theme of Summer and the seaside.

· Look at symmetry in flowers and butterflies.

· Make beach collages.

· Paint with fruit and vegetables.

· Make sand pictures.

· Make ice lollies with juice and Petit Filous.

· Make a picnic.

· Decorating welly boots as decorative planters.

· Painting stones.

Ideas to reinforce your child’s learning at home:

· Encourage your child to recognise their own name by writing it on to their drawings. Remember not to write their name in capital letters i.e. JAMES but instead write James as this will be the way they will be taught in Primary 1.

· Talk to your child about all the artwork that they bring home

· Talk to your child about the artwork displayed in nursery


The World around Us

Children will have opportunities to:

· Talk about all the ideas relating to Summer and the seaside previously discussed (see language development)

· Consolidate new learning by watching the Come Outside videos with Aunty Mabel and Pippin.

· Look at and experience colours by mixing paints.

· Look at places where you could go on holiday and find it on the globe.

· Weed the outside play area.

· Do some planting.

· Talk about methods of transport to get to our holiday destinations.

· Talk about the beach and the sea.

Ideas to reinforce your child’s learning at home:

· Talk about Summer Holidays and perhaps look at photos of holidays past.

· Take your child to the beach and collect items to look at and perhaps send into nursery.