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January Newsletter 2021






We would like to wish you a very Happy New Year and thank you all for your lovely gifts and cards at Christmas.  They were very much appreciated, thank you. It has been a strange start to the term because of the lockdown and although we are closed for the majority of children, we will be providing home learning activities via Seesaw for everyone. If you would like to contact us at any time, please ring school between 9.00 and 1.00 or email us on   We will endeavour to keep communications open and we hope for a return to school for all in February.This newsletter shows the themes we would have been following if we had been in school which may give you some ideas for activities to do at home. Please be aware that we will be providing childcare during this lockdown for the children of keyworkers and those children who are deemed to be vulnerable.  This will be supervised learning as opposed to education.




Our Theme This Month Would Have Been Winter

Through the theme of Winter we had planned to discuss the weather – ice, snow, frost and the cold, as well as what we wear to keep us warm.  We would also have been discussing animals that live in cold environments and how they have adapted themselves to this.  We have planned to read lots of stories that involve the Winter and sing songs relating to the theme.  (We will hopefully be reading Winter stories on video and sending them home for your child to listen to via Seesaw.)

The monthly learning plans will give you further information about what our learning intentions would have been, along with the rhyme sheet and the Winter vocabulary sheet.






  • We would have made black and white pictures and mixing the two colours to observe the results. 

This would lead to other colours being lightened and darkened and then to us experimenting with light and dark using torches, the dark tent, an overhead projector and light box to make shadows, silhouettes etc.  Perhaps you could try some of these activities at home.





Christmas Jumper Day


A big thank you for your donations to our Save the Children, Christmas Jumper Day in which you helped us raise £150.00.

Thank You!






Dates for January


  • Thursday 7th January 2021 – Nursery remains closed for the majority of children.


  • Thursday 7th January 2021 – Nursery reopens to provide childcare for children of keyworkers and those children who are deemed vulnerable.


  • Thursday 7th January 2021 - Pre-school and Primary 1 online portal opens for applications on the Education authority website.  (Please note that all documentation required to evidence your child’s application can now be submitted online.)


  • Friday 29th January at noon – Pre-school and Primary 1 online applications have to be completed (portal closes).


  • Our planned half term break was to be Mon 15th February to Fri 19th February inclusively.








January Learning Plans 2021





Themes: Winter

Colours:  Black and White

Shape:  Square







Ideas for Personal, Social And Emotional Development

  • Encourage your child to gain confidence by speaking out and telling friends and family about Christmas.
  • Extend your child’s imagination through role play – take on roles, dress up and explore ideas relating to their own experiences, for example play school or re-enact story-time.
  • Encourage your child to be independent with respect to tidying up their own toys when they have finished playing or helping to put away shopping.
  • Build up their self-confidence and self-esteem through success in their self-help skills, for example in the use of a knife and fork at dinner time or getting dressed independently.
  • Encourage your child to use ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’.






Ideas for Language Development

  • Encourage your child to share information about their Christmas and what it was like.
  • Extend their vocabulary with respect to the Winter theme.  (See our Winter vocabulary sheet.)
  • Encourage your child to listen to stories relating to the Winter theme read by the teachers on Seesaw and supplement these with your own stories.  (Children also love to hear ridiculous made up stories and stories about Mummy and Daddy when they were small!!)
  • Look at books and pictures online relating to Winter.
  • Discuss hibernation with your child – which animals, why they sleep. Store food up and when they waken.
  • Discuss the weather with your child and encourage them to watch the weather forecast if they are interested.
  • Discuss clothes worn in Winter and why.
  • Discuss science aspect of Winter:
    • What is snow? Frost?  Hail? Etc.
      • How is it made?
      • Where does it go when it melts?
      • Why does it melt when it hits the ground?
      • Where does it come from?
      • How do animals feed in Winter?
      • Why can you see your breath in cold weather?
  • Discuss with your child the memories they have of what they have done in nursery and look at their photos on Seesaw.
  • Sing our songs and rhymes relating to Winter including:
    • I hear Thunder
    • Brown Bear’s Sleeping
    • 5 Friendly Snow men
    • I'm a Little Snowman
    • I Made Myself a Snowball Rhyme
    • Snowflakes
    • 10 Little Snowflakes
    • Little Jackie Jack Frost


  • Consolidate our December songs from last month by singing them at home.






Ideas for Early Mathematical Experiences

  • Encourage your child to match and sort clothes for different types of weather or match up socks when you are doing the washing.
  • Encourage your child to match and compare sizes of food tins while putting away shopping using terms such as big, bigger and biggest or small, smaller and smallest.  (This can also be done through the story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears.)
  • Encourage your child to sort clothes for pattern – stripey, spotty etc.
  • Participate in a simple game with your child using a dice, counting all of the spots and moving by the appropriate number.  This shows your child 1 to 1 correspondence. (Snakes and ladders is excellent for this.)
  • Encourage your child to sort toy animals into those that live in hot countries and those that live in cold countries.
  • Count throughout the day including at play activities and climbing steps or stairs.
  • Look at shapes around your house.






Ideas for Physical Development

  • Encourage your child to develop their fine motor/manipulation skills by cutting, sticking, painting, threading and manipulating beads.
  • Encourage your child to improve their cutting using safety scissors and a range of paper and magazines.
  • Develop your child’s tripod pincer grasp with the use of pencils and pens while drawing and colouring.
  • Develop your child’s confidence when putting on their own coats and trying to zip them up and encourage them to dress an undress themselves.
  • Develop your child’s gross motor skills during outside activities including running, jumping, climbing, pedalling and sliding.
  • Weather permitting children should have opportunities to :
    • Build a snowman
    • Wrap up warm
    • Throw snowballs
    • Make ice structures
    • Slip and slide
    • Look for ice in puddles and containers







Ideas for Developing The Arts

  • Encourgae your child to listen to and join in with songs and rhymes relating to the theme of Winter.
  • Encourage your child to further experience sticking activities with glue.
  • Encourage your child to use felt tips, crayons and colouring pencils.
  • Encourage your child to make music using resources found in the home for example wooden spoons and upturned saucepans or plastic bottles filled with rice or pasta.
  • If you have the resources then help your child to make a black and white picture and discuss dark and light.
  • Encourage your child to participate in a large junk art project using boxes, bottles, tubes, food containers and lots of sellotape.  This project could include making a snow man or an igloo, linking into the theme of Winter.
  • You could also help your child to make their own musical instruments using junk materials, for example a shoe box with elastic bands placed across the top makes a basic guitar.
  • Use different types of paper including tissue, metallic, crepe etc.
  • Encourage your child to paint or draw a snowman.
  • Encourage your child to recognise their own name by writing it on to their drawings.  Remember not to write their name in capital letters i.e. JAMES but instead write James as this will be the way they will be taught in Primary 1.







Ideas to Develop The World around Us

  • Look at and discuss the weather outside with your child.
  • Further discuss with your child the change of the seasons and the weather that each brings i.e. snow, ice, frost and the changes in temperature as well as the changes in the appearance of the trees.
  • Discuss dark and light with your child and perhaps try to make a dark den under a dining room table covered with blankets or duvets.  Your child might like to bring a torch into the dark den or before bed use the torch to make shadow puppets on a wall.
  • Explore ice and all its properties when on a walk or even let children play with ice in a sink or basin. If it snows, then bring some snow into the house and place it into the sink or basin for children to play with.
  • Encourage your child to find items that are black or white or black and white in your house.
  • Encourage children to build snowmen (if we get some snow) and watch what happens as they melt.