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We have put all of our home learning idea booklets, fine motor activities, playdough recipe, monthly learning plans and monthly rhyme sheets for parents into the 'News and Events' section of our website.


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Visual Schedules and Daily Routine


The Getting Ready to Learn programme has produced a visual schedule to use at home. Schedules are important for children as it gives them structure to their day and provides routine for them. You can create your own schedule with this useful document. Your child could help you organise the day each morning. In nursery we use a clothes peg at the top of the schedule and move it along the line of pictures as each stage of the day is completed. We use a horizontal timetable beginning at the left hand side and moving across to the right hand side.

A photo example is below:






Visual Schedules for Home


Home Learning Blog


We will be posting daily activities for your child. These will very between stories, challenge cards and links to online videos. We have planned these to explore our pre-school curriculum at home. Keep these simple and fun. These are not designed to create any pressure for you but to inspire you with some simple play ideas.


Most of these ideas will be from our activity suggestion booklets and useful play documents that can be found on our website here:


For the first few weeks we will finish our 'Ourselves' theme and then we will move on to fairytales/ summer.


We hope you enjoy these. Please check daily for the new challenge.