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Learning blog for children- March 2020



23rd March 2020


🐸 Tadpole update! Today we made the decision to take our tadpoles back to the family pond which they came from. They were very wriggly and Miss Collins just about got them back to the pond without spilling them in the car!! We will post some fun frog lifecycle information for you to show your children. Thanks again to the family who provided them for us- what an amazing learning experience for us. 🐸

Here is a video explaining the stages in the lifecycle (it is quite noisy so turn your volume down!)






24th March 2020


🌈 You might have spotted rainbows popping up in windows around your area. Children all over the UK are creating a Rainbow Trail by painting rainbows to put in their windows. These are to help cheer up the community, to allow children to play I-spy and to remind us that we can look forward to the rainbow after the storm.

What can you do...
Get painting! Get drawing! Create a rainbow, then put it up in your window for everyone to enjoy.

We would love to see your rainbows so if you can, send a message with a picture of your rainbow on FB and by the end of the week we will put together a post with all the rainbows that are providing colour and positivity during this difficult time.

‘Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud’ 🌈



26th March 2020



🌈 💗Thanks to everyone who sent in their fantastic rainbows! We have been busy making some too and wanted to say Hello to you all! We will be posting some challenges throughout our time off to this page and hope you have fun taking part if you wish to. Missing you all and sending big hugs from all of the staff at Glenbrook Nursery School 🌈






27th March 2020

Some of our fantastic Glenbrook Children's rainbows..





30th March 2020


🌱 Good Morning boys and girls! As part of our Spring topic we were learning all about growth. Here’s a lovely video of the story of Jack and the Beanstalk for you.


Can you draw or paint your very own beanstalk or picture of the story after? Could you build a giant beanstalk out of Lego or blocks? Maybe you could help with some gardening? We would love to see some of your play today! You could also sing our song ‘The Gardener Plants the Seeds’ from our March rhyme sheet on our website. 🌱