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Home Learning January 2021

We have created this page to provide parents with some information around the Pre-School Curriculum while the school remains closed. The Pre-School Curriculum NI stresses the importance of learning through play for pre-school children as this is how they learn best at this developmental stage. Play provides the opportunity to explore, experiment, investigate, consolidate, problem solve, explore mathematical concepts and develop language.


A lot of the skills that we have been focusing on in Nursery will be more difficult to provide at home as they focus on social skills and co-operation however we hope you find this helpful. In these times it is most important that children are happy and are learning naturally through their play. This is a stressful time for them as their normal routines and social experiences have been removed.



Here is a link to the curriculum that we follow:



We have compiled some of our monthly learning plans, rhyme sheets and vocabulary sheets which we were due to explore with the children in the coming months. Again, we are not expecting Parents to 'teach' their nursery children however they are here if you would like to share them through play with your child.