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February 2021





Welcome to the February 2021 Newsletter


Our theme this month would have been:


Farm Animals


We would have been discussing the names of farm animals, describing them, where they live, what they eat, what noises they make, what their babies are called, what males and females are called, their life cycles and how they move.  Perhaps you could talk about these at home.  Our video stories on Seesaw this month will mostly be linked to the theme of the farm as will the online activities.








                                ‘Our Senses’ project this month is TASTE



We would have been encouraging children to taste various foods and talking about the sweet and savoury things we eat.  Perhaps you could do this at home and discuss with your child different tastes at meal-times.


Our shape this month is RECTANGLE



Some children find naming shapes difficult, so they need lots of practice!


  • At home focus on rectangles – pointing out the rectangular faces on building blocks or rectangular sheets of paper.



                        Our colours this month are BLUE and WHITE


  • Try painting with blue and white paint, drawing with blue felt tips on white paper or putting paint into water to make it blue and then white.






Physical Development

This month in Nursery we would have been encouraging the children to further develop their fine motor skills and balance.  These activities can be completed to help build up these skills.

  • Ball games, balancing on one foot or climbing on apparatus in the park.
  • Continue to encourage cutting and sticking both paper and cardboard to make flat pictures and cardboard structures.  (Children need this practice constantly so that they don’t lose cutting skills they have already achieved).




A Little Reminder

Please remember about all our activities and story videos on Seesaw.  We have loved seeing your photos and getting your messages and we look forward to getting more.


We have already placed 2 Parent Training sessions –An Introduction to Our Curriculum and

-Personal, Social and Emotional Development

on to Seesaw with associated activities.  The other 5 areas will follow soon.

Please have a look. 

Thank You, Jill McCandless


We are missing you all! Take care and stay safe!










February Learning Plans


Themes: Farm Animals


Colours: Blue and White


Shape: Rectangle



Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Ideas to reinforce your child’s learning at home:

  • Discuss with your child how they feel about nursery and what they are missing about it.  Encourage them to talk about their favourite activities in nursery and how they make them feel.
  • Consolidate the idea of turn taking using simple dice games.
  • Develop concentration and task perseverance through encouraging children to complete jigsaws and activities.
  • Develop imagination with respect to role play e.g pretending to be the doctor in a hospital or the customer in the restaurant.  Adults joining in always adds to the fun.
  • If you take your child out for a food carry out, look at the menu with them and talk about what food they are going to choose.  Reinforce the vocabulary surrounding food and taste.
  • Talk to your child about the farmer and the vet and about their roles in the community.



Language Development

Ideas to reinforce your child’s learning at home:

  • Extend your child’s vocabulary through using relevant words relating to farm animals e.g animal names, descriptions, where they live, what they eat, the noises they make and what their babies are called.
  • Continue to develop their listening skills with respect to stories, activities and following instructions.
  • Consolidate your child’s ideas relating to Winter including the weather, hibernation, nature etc.
  • Read stories relating to the theme of farm animals and listen to the video stories on Seesaw.
  • Look at non-fiction books looking at farm animals.
  • Encourage your child to recognise their own name by writing it on their pictures.  Please remember to write it with a capital at the beginning and the rest of the letters lower case.  For example -James not JAMES.
  • Sing songs and rhymes with your child relating to the theme of farm animals, this can enhance their future reading abilities.  (These rhymes can be found on the monthly rhyme sheet.)
  • Consolidate rhymes from last month on the theme of Winter by singing them at home.
  • Discuss farm animals while out walking or out for a drive.




Early Mathematical Experiences


Ideas to reinforce your child’s learning at home:

  • With farm animal toys sort and match them according to type eg put all the sheep together.
  • Sort and match farm animals according to whether they have fur, feathers or skin.
  • Count animals.
  • Match animals to their babies and name.
  • Look at farm animals according to size.
  • Look at animals according to their patterns.
  • Sing songs and rhymes that include numbers and farm animals (see the monthly rhyme sheet).
  • Sort food when putting shopping away.



Physical Development


Ideas to reinforce your child’s learning at home:

  • Further experience Winter weather when playing outside or out for a walk.
  • Develop fine motor or manipulative skills using scissors, pens and construction materials.
  • Develop gross motor skills by handling larger construction materials, climbing, running and pedalling wheeled vehicles.
  • Further encourage your child to practice getting dressed and undressed by themselves and develop the motor skills associated with this.



The Arts


Ideas to reinforce your child’s learning at home:

  • Encourage your child to listen to and join in with songs and rhymes relating to the theme of Farm Animals.
  • Experience sticking activities with glue sticks.
  • Make animal pictures using pens, paints and pencils.
  • Make Valentine’s Day cards.
  • Discuss Valentine’s Day with your child.



The World around Us


Ideas to reinforce your child’s learning at home:

  • Look at and discuss farm animals on walks, drives and in books.
  • Be involved in any gardening activities.
  • Continue to discuss the change in the seasons when out for a walk or a drive.
  • Encourage your child to find items that are blue or white in your house.
  • Collect more natural materials on a Winter walk and encourage your child to make creations with them.


 Please send in any photos or messages to Seesaw of your child completing any of these ideas for learning for February.

Thank You