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The Importance of Early Learning


“By the time children start pre-school they have already had a variety of experiences and have developed in a number of ways. To build upon the learning that has taken place in the home and its immediate environment, pre-school staff should provide children with a rich variety of challenging play activities and other experiences in a stimulating environment. The focus should be to allow children to learn at their own pace, gain a positive image of themselves as learners, be able to cope with uncertainty and to learn through trial and error.”

Curricular Guidance For Pre-school Education


Characteristics of the Pre-School Child

The pre-school child likes to explore and investigate and they have a natural curiosity.

The pre-school child is learning to communicate with adults and their peers outside of the home and family situation.

The pre-school child really enjoys physical play outside and music, story and rhyme.



The Preschool Curriculum


The preschool curriculum as designated by  Curricular Guidance for Preschool Education has 6 curricular areas.  They are as follows:


The Arts


Language and Literacy


Early Mathematical Development


Personal, Social and Emotional Development


Physical Development & Movement


The World Around Us