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April and May 2019


April/ May Newsletter 2019



Our theme for April and May is: Ourselves


We will be discussing our bodies, our senses and our feelings.We will be discussing similarities and differences between ourselves including eye and hair colour.

We will be discussing our families.

We will also be discussing healthy eating and looking after your teeth.

We will also be discussing disabilities.

Further ideas that will be covered during the theme of “Ourselves” can be found in the monthly learning plans found at the end of this newsletter.

Please be aware as we are covering the theme of Ourselves over both April and May that there will be no further learning plans

next month.

Please remember newsletters and learning plans can be found on the nursery website and they can be translated into various languages.

Key policies have also this facility on our website.

This term we are encouraging the children to further develop skills that they will need for Primary 1.

We are also gathering information that will be incorporated into their transition forms that will be completed and passed on to their new Primary 1 teacher.

These forms will be distributed to you in June.





Mathematical Development

Over the coming weeks we will continue to further develop the children’s awareness and understanding of number through a variety of number rhymes.  Number will also continue to feature in our play. 




Language Development

We will be further encouraging the children to recognise their own names and later in the term their symbols will be removed and only their names will remain on the door, at snack and dinner and on the leader-board.


Baby Photos

We are making a ‘Guess Who?’ display in the hall using baby photos.  Please send in a 6” by 4” picture of your child when they were a baby (preferably one that we may recognise) so that this can be achieved. 

Many Thanks.


Story Sacks

We are starting to send home the Story Sacks on Thursdays to be returned on Monday morning.  We will be distributing a questionnaire soon in order to gain your views on this activity, so we can evaluate their worth.



Lending Libraries

Don’t forget about our lending libraries in the link!  Please feel free to borrow a book for yourself from the Parent’s Lending Library or your child from their lending library. Or you could borrow one of the newly acquired books with dual language. You can also borrow a fine motor skills bag or a rhyming bag to help your child in these areas.

There are also jigsaws to borrow on the shelving at the bottom of the pigeonholes.






Our shapes for April and May are 3D shapes. (We will also be revising our 2D shapes)

Please look for spheres, cuboids, cubes and cylinder shapes around the home and when you are out and about!





         Our colours for April and May are Pink and Purple.



We will be using pink and purple in our creative corner and also talking about pink and purple in the environment e.g. apple and cherry blossom, flowers etc.




Dates to Remember

Wednesday 3rd April

Mini’s Music visit


Friday 12th April

Easter Party in which we will be having an Easter egg hunt.

(Children should attend from 8.50 am to 11.30 am, no dinner will be served.)                

Nursery closes at 11.30 am for the Easter holidays.


Monday 15th April to Friday 26th April

Easter holidays.


         Monday 29th April

          Nursery re-opens after the Easter holidays


    Tuesday 30th April

Action Cancer visit


Wednesday 1st May

Mini’s Music visit


Thursday 2nd May

Postponed Parent workshop with Kerry Mulholland from Small Talk NI from 6.30 pm to 8.00 pm.This session is looking at the ages and stages of language acquisition and is relevant to all Parents.  Please try to attend.


Monday 6th May

Nursery Closed for May Day


Tuesday 7th May

School Development Day – nursery closed for children


Tuesday 14th May

Joe from the Gathering Drum visit


Wednesday 20th May

Mr Hullabaloo’s visit


Monday 27th May

Nursery Closed for 2nd May holiday


Tuesday 28th May

School Development Day– nursery closed for children






Child Protection And Safeguarding Issues

Care in the sun

Believe it or not we are approaching the summer!! We need to start thinking about protecting our children from the sun.  To help prevent sunburn we would like you to apply sun-cream to your child before they come to school (even if it is not sunny, first thing in the morning).  Please ensure that the sun-cream is one that provides protection for up to 12 hours and that it is waterproof.   We will provide peaked caps for protection from the sun for each child during outside play.  Please leave these sunhats on your child’s peg when you are collecting them from nursery.





Glenbrook Needs You!

During May we will be cleaning the nursery toys for the new school year and as you can imagine there are a lot of them.  Thus we ask all Parents to take a box of toys home during May to wash and dry them and return them to the nursery.  We ask that you wash them in warm soapy water and nothing stronger and then return them when they are completely dry.

Thank you in anticipation.                J.McCandless











April/May Learning Plans


Themes: Ourselves

Colours:  Pink and Purple

Shape:  All shapes


Personal, Social And Emotional Development

Children will have opportunities to:

  • Learn about other people’s emotions and feelings and show empathy.
  • Continue to use timers to share toys and take turns.
  • Further develop independence especially with respect to keeping the nursery clean and tidy.
  • Further develop their abilities to be helpful towards others and work well in groups.
  • Gain confidence in speaking in front of the whole class during story time.
  • Celebrate what we can do- “I can put my own sweatshirt on.” “I can recognise my own name.”
  • Look after our story sacks.

Ideas to reinforce your child’s learning at home:

  • Talk to your child about emotions and encourage them to recognise facial expressions in themselves and in others.
  • Encourage your child to brush their teeth properly at home.
  • Talk to your child about healthy eating and exercise.
  • Encourage your child to look after the story sacks sent home and use them appropriately.



Language Development

Children will have opportunities to:

  • Extend vocabulary with respect to Ourselves including the ideas of:
    • Senses
    • Feelings
    • Body parts (external and internal)– naming and discussing
    • Differences and similarities between us – e.g. eye and hair colour
    • What we need to live – air water food
    • Discuss their families
    • Discuss clothes
    • Discuss life cycles
    • Discuss their baby photos
    • Discuss their teeth – looking after them
    • Discuss healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle
    • Discuss keeping safe – including what to do if you get lost, crossing the road, wearing a seatbelt and sitting in their car seat
  • Practice pencil control
  • Recognise their own names
  • Learn songs and rhymes relating to Ourselves
  • Discuss what they did in the Easter holidays
  • Talk further about Spring and Easter and consolidate ideas
  • Look at the environment including books, posters, displays etc. so that they know that the written word has meaning. Also point out to your child individual letters perhaps recognising the ones that are in their own names.
  • Talk about the story sacks and use the resources to develop vocabulary and an interest in books.


Ideas to reinforce your child’s learning at home:

  • Sing songs and rhymes with your child relating to the theme of Ourselves, this can enhance their future reading abilities.  (These rhymes can be found on the monthly rhyme sheet.)
  • Consolidate rhymes from last month by singing them at home.
  • Further talk to your child about Spring and point out new plant growth, baby animals and the weather when out on walks or drives and thus consolidate learning from last month.
  • Read stories to your child which again will help them when they come to reading for themselves.  (Don’t forget there are books to borrow in the nursery foyer as well as your local library.)
  • Look at photos of children displayed in the hall and discuss these with them.
  • Encourage children to recognise their own name.
  • Encourage children to look at the environment including books, posters, displays etc. so that they know that the written word has meaning.  Also point out to your child individual letters perhaps recognising the ones that are in their own names.
  • Share the Story Sacks with your child and enhance their learning through the use of these valuable resources.



Early Mathematical Experiences

Children will have opportunities to:

  • Sort and match weather pictures again according to type.
  • Sort and match clothes again for different weather types
  • Look at patterns, be able to recognise them and copy and continue them with respect to beads and boards, construction materials etc.
  • Reinforce and practise 1 to 1 correspondence with respect to counting objects naturally during their play.
  • Reinforce and practise 1 to 1 correspondence with respect to setting dinner tables, giving out musical instruments and Friday treats
  • Keep looking at numbers in the environment including outside play
  • Keep reinforcing counting through number rhymes
  • Counting body parts – 2 hands, 10 fingers etc.
  • Recognise similarities and differences in people
  • Sorting people according to physical attributes i.e. eye colour or hair colour
  • Talk about containers that hold the most or least sand, soil or water.
  • Count items through natural play situations reinforcing 1 to 1 correspondence.
  • Recognise shapes in the environment.
  • Reinforce prepositions within the nursery environment.

Ideas to reinforce your child’s learning at home:

  • Keep singing number rhymes with your child at home to reinforce counting
  • Talk to your child about their physical attributes such as their hair and eye colour
  • Talk to your child about the similarities and differences in people
  • Count naturally with your child and reinforce 1 to 1 correspondence i.e. point to each item while counting
  • Name shapes in the home environment
  • Talk about prepositions such as in, on, under, below, beside, behind and in front of
  • Talk about patterns to your child including patterns on animals or clothes



Physical Development

Children will have opportunities to:

  • Experience further the Spring weather during outside play
  • Develop fine motor skills using art equipment, construction materials and general self-help skills
  • Develop gross motor skills handling larger construction equipment and ensuring their own and others safety
  • Further practise putting on and taking off their own sweatshirts
  • Learn new self-help skills with putting on lighter outside clothing and encourage children to zip up their own coats
  • Practise ball skills such as kicking, throwing and catching


Ideas to reinforce your child’s learning at home:

  • Practise ball skills at home.
  • Encourage your child to zip their own coat up.
  • Encourage your child to hold a pencil or pen properly.



The Arts

Children will have opportunities to:

  • Listen and join in with songs, rhymes and drama activities relating to the theme of Ourselves
  • Participate in a Mini’s Music session on the theme of Ourselves.
  • Finger-paint
  • Make handprints
  • Make footprints
  • Make and paint silhouettes of themselves
  • Paint a big bus and place paper plate faces of each child on to it
  • Experience sticking activities with both P.V.A. and glue sticks
  • Have continued use of art activities on the art table, writing table and easel.
  • Have continued use of felt tips, crayons and colouring pencils.
  • Mix paint in order to make the colours – pink and purple
  • Continue naming their own pictures using the stickers provided by the staff.
  • Experience musical instruments during outside play and group time.

Ideas to reinforce your child’s learning at home:

  • Encourage your child to recognise their own name by writing it on to their drawings.  Remember not to write their name in capital letters i.e. JAMES but instead write James as this will be the way they will be taught in Primary 1.
  • Talk to your child about all the artwork that they bring home
  • Talk to your child about the artwork displayed in nursery
  • Point out items that are pink and purple at home


The World around Us

Children will have opportunities to:

  • Talk about all the ideas relating to ourselves previously discussed (see language development)
  • Consolidate new learning by watching the Come Outside videos with Aunty Mabel and Pippin.
  • Look out for items that are pink and purple in the environment
  • Make the colours pink and purple

Ideas to reinforce your child’s learning at home:

  • A visit to the local library to borrow fiction and non-fiction books about ourselves would enhance your child’s learning.
  • Collect more natural materials on a Spring walk or a visit to the beach and encourage your child to bring them into school to share with the rest of the class.
  • Talk to your child about when they were a baby and what they did, also talk to them about when you were a child or get grandparents to talk them on the same subject